Above all we must say that the main reason we are here is that we are committed to the idea of Diem25, the Manifesto and the goals set for the movement.

We understand that the organizations had to start working, and that the Organising Principles have been designed in a very short time with the objective of providing the movement with a strong internal democracy. However, we feel that both the way in which they have been elaborated and approved, and the resulting structures of the movement somehow lack the level of debate that we would wish for an organization whose motto is: “A very radical idea, democracy”.

We believe that if there is no internal democracy people will stop supporting DiEM25, the big initial response will dye out when people feel that it is ONE MORE PARTY (or movement) where a few people effectively decide.

We are sure that provided time, effort and more debate among the members of DiEM25 it is possible to use more democratic methods which are still effective at taking decisions. We do not know HOW to get there. We have been looking to several internet platforms and none of them has satisfied us. However, many of them could be introduced in DiEM25 resulting in an improvement of internal democracy. Probably the “right” tools do not exist yet, may be we have to be part of that development by creating a need for it. We would like to envisage a single platform which would combine the features of all existing apps, to debate, vote, document, and channel the debate. In the future the exercise of democracy could be an effortless part of our daily life, just like doing the shopping or reading the news.

If you are reading this it is probably because you also feel there is a larger or smaller democratic deficit inside DiEM25. May be you want to share our very radical goal, which is “internal democracy in DiEM25”. Indeed we believe many people share our views, and one of the problems we are facing is finding those people and connecting with them. This doesn’t need to be an isolated DSC, we would like to think that the idea will be taken up by many other existing DSC’s, but also, we could think of similar DiD DSC’s in different languages, meeting at different times, in different ways, all interconnected in the search of internal DiEM25 democracy.

Finally, we have a concrete although flexible and evolving set of aims which you can view in this page: Aims of DiD.

We know it is going to be hard work. It will be hard when we find that other people are not motivated, when our plans do not work, when we face technological frustration. Please do not get frustrated, do not give up. This is probably the most important fight that our society has to fight nowadays.

Welcome to the DiD DSC