Democracy Tools

The DiD DSC uses a number of tools to communicate. The uses of different tools is subject to revision and dynamically changed depending on the group needs and the participants decisions. In order to find out what each of them is being used for, and how to get access to them refer always to this page.


Online meetings are the basic tool and essence of the DSC. Different tools have been used and until a final system is decided you will be able to find here how to meet us.

We use Zoom for our online meetings and Discord for our online discussions. See below.


This blog has a three fold purpose:

  • to be the landing page for non members and help them get in touch with the DSC
  • to be a public agora where the ideas, goals, methods and mechanisms used ad pursued by DiD can be discussed. You are invited to comment but also, to post your own articles. So far there are no restrictions on the content or format of the articles. Please you your better judgement. If you want to publish something do send you article to
  • to make our work and ideas known outside the DSC


We use Discord for internal communication. Join us!


We use Framapad to work on collaborative documents. If you want to start up a Pad just drop us a line on So far we work on totally open docs. They can be viewed and edited by anyone who has the link. Once a document has been approved me move it to the blog and the pad will be closed.


How to join the meeting in Mumble

  1. Download and install the client from the Zoom site (
  2. A few minutes before the meeting, you will receive an e-mail with a Zoom link. Click on this link and the online meeting room will be opened.

Zoom Meeting Etiquette

  1. There will be a moderator assigning turns of speech.
  2. To rise your hand type *hand* in the chat or raise your hand physically in case you use video during the meeting.
  3. When someone asks a yes or no question please type +1 (yes), -1(no) or 0 if you prefer not to chose. Please DO use the 0 instead of silence so we know that you are taking part on the process. If you use video, you can also physically make the gestures “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”.
  4. Remember to stay muted when you are not speaking.


Work in progress