Upcoming meetings

See the tools page for information about joining the meetings. Currently we are using the Mumble platform. In order to receive the code for the meeting, please join our e-mail list here:!forum/did25

Meetings will be held bi-weekly on Tuesdays 7pm CET

Next meeting:

2017. 4th of July at 7pm C.E.T.

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Past Meeting minutes

20 20/06/2017 Non-local DSCs discussion

19 06/06/2017 Politization of DiEM world Café

18. 23/05/2017 No meeting because of Berlin and Dublin events

17. 09/05/2017 New Voting Procedures

16. 26/04/2017 Feedback on the DiD survey

15. 04/04/2017 Reflection on the Rome event, discussion on CC members validation

14. 28/03/2017 Quick, non-regular meeting on the survey distribution strategy; no minutes

13. 21/03/2017 Feedback to CC on democratic tools

12. 07/03/2017 Proposal on non local DSC’s

11. 21/02/2017 Communication with the VC and CC

10. 07/02/2017 Voting results

9. 24/01/2017 Internal survey

8. 10/01/2017 Feedback to the CC discussion and recording of meetings

7. 20/12/2016 Feedback to DiD statement on the Italian Referendum issue (Agenda ).

6.6/12/2016 Feedback proposal to the CC (Agenda)

5.- 22/11/2016  Initial voting procedures (Agenda)

4.- 8/11/2016 Did strategies (Agenda)

3.- 25/10/2016 DiD on the Italian referendum (Agenda)

2.- 11/10/2016 The goals of DiD DSC (Agenda)

1 – 18/09/2016 Democracy in DiEM25 DSC. Inaugural meeting.

o – 14/09/2016 Conversations leading to the creation of DiD