Agenda 7. 20/12/2016

7pm CET
Chair: Pedrojuán
Record meeting
  • Opening, setting of the agenda
  • Chair/minute taker next meeting
  • Running issues:
  • Brainstorm about new ideas for procedures to streamline the work in DiD
  • Feedback about the published feedback to the CC on the Italian Referendum issue
  • Procedures
  • discuss how long DiD meetings should be
  • What kinds of decisions will we have to deal with in DiD? 
  • what is the goal/final objective of DiD?
  • what representativeness does it have?
  • considerations for new procedures when decisions are not realted to creating a Document. (e.g. change a DiD tool, start a project, working group, modify the procedures)
  • what is quorum in DiD?
  • What do we understand as “consensus”? (cf. tools of Sociocracy and the difference between “consensus” and “consent”)
  • discuss if votes can be  transferred in issues that one does not have enough information and does  not want to gain enough information to make an informed decision or cannot be present. How to legitimate the transfer?
  • About the procedures followed writing the policy papers
  • Should we organise online debates which we could propose to all diem25 to discuss particular topics?
  • Prepare a questionaire directed to other DSC’s to find out how they operate, how does democracy work in practice for them
  • Any other business
For later Meetings:
How often should the aims of DiD be revisited? 
What platform should be used to make decisions about finalising a text? (Slack, online meeting, etc.)
Channels in Slack: which ones to keep, which ones to archive?
What is the optimal size of DiD? Can DiD grow indefinitely or does it need a limit of members after which it will divided into new groups? Organizational research suggests that an optimal group size for semi-intimate group is 30. (For a working group, the limit is 7) Source: Swarmwise