Agenda 6.- 06/12/2016

7pm CET
Chair: Ville

3) A final text is posted in our voting channel, accompanied by an exact deadline for the voting that will be announced by e-mail to all members – voting options should include an option “further discussion is needed”

4) After the deadline, a decision is made, which is also announced by e-mail to all the DiD members

  • Discuss Position of DiD on the way CC is relating to DSC’s on the organization of events.
  • Possibility of organizing DID’s meeting in real life at the same time as the Irish DiEM25 launch in march. Organization of grassroots democracy methodolgies.
  • Presentation by the WG Democratic Tooltesters

Vote: will we switch to Frameapad?

  • Channels in Slack: which ones to keep, which ones to archive?
  • Any other business