Agenda 4.- 8/11/2016

DiD Statement on the Italian Referendum (15 Min)
  • Aprove/modify contents
  • Means of communication:
  • mail to CC?
  • mail to coordination?
  • blog?
  • other?
Srategies to reach the goals of DiD (60min)
  • Brain storming
  • Draft possible Lines of action
DSC or not DSC (15min)
Judith Mayers, volunteer coordinator in the CC, has inforemd that DiD cannot be a DSC because it is not local. However, in the DSC inscription form there is a non Local DSC’s option and may be we should go for that and insist on our right to be a DSC. The other option mentioned in the 25/10 meeting was to call ourselves DiEM Network Collective (DNC) and not to be a DSC. Do we want to have official recognition? DO we want to exist officially?