Agenda 3.- 25/10/2016

Voting on the aims of DiD as established last meeting (10min)

Voting procedures

What exactly legitimates a decision by DiD? All present at meeting? All active? All that want to vote?

PROPOSAL If we are voting to a text: Period to work on it. Close the text. Vote diferent sections and points. Discuss results. If there is consensus we go ahead. If note we reopen pad and discussion. Second round. On the third round majority rules. (20 mins)

Discuss the Demos of Diem25 (15min)

Reflect on the recent discussions of what should count as a matter that Diem25 should be involved in. What matters in Europe should we take a stance on and what matter perhaps not? Discuss CC’s newly proclaimed position.

The role of the grassroot in Diem25 (20 min)

Reflecting on the role of “the grassroots” in our organisation.

The idea of inviting Yanis Varoufakis/or the CC as a whole to one of our meetings. (15 mins)