Agenda 2.- 11/10/2016

1.- Setting the goal(s) of DiD (1h)
First, we need to democratically come to an agreement concerning the overall purpose of our initiative. What do we want to achieve, both regarding the process (e.g. engaging Diem25’ers with an internal discussion about democracy) and the eventual aim(s) (e.g. proposing amendments to the organisational principles)? This should not be something that “we” as initiators decide upon, but something we decide upon together, as true democrats. 
For this reason, we propose to start with gathering ideas about what each of us considers as the goal(s) of DiD.  
  • Short introduction (Pedro) 
  • Personal proposals (2min per participant)
  • Please think of your personal idea of the purpose of DiD. Write a short text (bullet-point(s)) and post it in this document. If you have any problem with Titanpad, please send your text by e-mail (respond to this message or send it to 
  • We are looking for a concise expression of our goal. It should be possible to express this it in two minutes. Discussion and reflection in the group will come afterwards.
  • Discussion and reflection, consensus seeking. 
  • Decision on a common goal for the DSC. 
  • It would be ideal to reach a consensus, otherwise we will have to decide how we decide. We could, if necessary, for instance use the voting function in Slack. 
Time provided, we can start exploring strategies and possible actions to be decided in the future.
2.- Consider the possibility of a future (spring?) face to face meeting/workshop (20min)
  • As a true transnational organisation, we should not only meet online but also in “real life” where the dynamics of meeting and discussing (and socialising) contribute to a better mutual understanding and a greater feeling of being a group.  
  • If there is an interest in the group, this will be complex, hence it would be good to get the ball rolling soon.
3.- Discuss the Demos of Diem25 (15min)
  • Reflect on the recent discussions of what should count as a matter that Diem25 should be involved in. What matters in Europe should we take a stance on and what matter perhaps not?
4.- The role of the grassroot in Diem25 (15min)
  • A short reflection on the role of “the grassroots” in our organisation.