Administrative tasks


  • send an e-mail to call the meeting: include agenda and instructions to join, including Mumble port if applicable.
  • post the minutes in the blog: add a new page with contents, and add the link to the meetings page.
  • clean up the agenda
  • send a follow up mail (if required) with information about which procedures have been started or closed, which decisions were made in the meeting and where the focus of the work should be put in the coming two weeks


  • when a new procedure is started this must be published in the did-procedures (follow the existing examples) channel, announced in the #general channel and notified by e-mail (this can be done in the meeting follw up e-mail)
  • when a procedure is closed, approved or rejected, this must be notified by mail to all group members and it will normally imply a certain action has to be taken (send a letter, post something in the blog)


  • all DiD procedures end up in a vote, which must be created in the #voting channel. A text snipped should be created with the text to be approved or the action description. The vote announcement must include the closing date.
  • when the vote closes a lock sign must be added and a screen capture with the results must be posted in the same channel showing the result of the closed vote.
  • the results of the vote must be announced by e-mail and in the#general channel.