Aims of DiD

The following text lists the aims of the Democracy in DiEM25 (DiD) group. These aims have been discussed prior to and during a meeting held on the 11th of October 2016, in which 9 members of our group participated. The individual aims have been voted upon and approved by consensus during that meeting. The following formulation has been approved  by consensus using an online vote by all interested DiD active members at the time. The list of aims is subject to an on-going process of revisiting and revisions: a true democratic process is never finished.

  1. Engaging with the DiEM25 members
    • To reach out to all the members in the DiEM25 network.
    • To engage with these members in a continuing process of deliberations about subjects related to the aims of DiD to internal democracy in DiEM25.
    • To ensure that all the interactions within the DiD are structured in a way that respects the norms of democratic organisation that we establish in for ourselves, norms which themselves are subject to an on-going process of revisiting and revisions.
  2. Defining democratic governance
    • To discuss and establish a working definition of democracy and democratic governance.
    • To discuss and establish norms and criteria for democratic governance.
    • To make sure that the definition, norms and criteria are subject to an on-going process of revisiting and revisions.
  3. Reviewing the organisational principles
    • To engage as many DiEM25 members as possible in a continuing process of revisiting and reviewing the organisational principles of DiEM25.
    • This, in order to make sure that the organisational principles respect the ideas of democratic governance as articulated by the grassroots level of Diem25.
  4. Setting up a dialogue with the CC
    • To communicate our ideas on a regular basis with the CC .
    • To put effort in engaging CC members with the discussions and works we are involved in.
  5. To experiment with the tools of democracy
    • To constantly search for accessible and affordable (online) tools for democratic governance.
    • To test these tools and share the test experiences.