8/11/2016 Strategies to reach our aims I

Attendees : M-A, Pedrojuan, Ezekiel, Lauri

Recording of meeting available on slack (a public access will be open shortly)

Short version:

Discussion on response to Italian Referendum:

The final document has been closed and DiD member will be invited to vote, until next Monday Nov 14 on weather this should be shared with CC and different DSC’s.

Discussion on whether we are DSC or we want to get any “official” recognition

We agreed by consensus not to take action on this issue. We will for now on just define ourselves as DiD.

Strategies to reach our aims

We will send a link to our blog with every communication, where our aims are posted.

An elevator pitch for DiD will be developed by M-A and shared with other DiEM members and other social movements.

We will attempt to create a central repository of democracy tools for ourselves and for other people, in the blog.

Long Version

Discussion on response to Italian Referendum:

Lauri & M-A made changes. Agreed by consensus on changes and that we will put this to DiD to vote for one week on whether we should send this to CC, DSC coordinators and post in the blog.

Discussion on whether we are DSC or we want to get any “official” recognition

Lauri – network of local members

Ezekiel – body of members discussing the need to adapt with time of internal democracy

M-A – No need to be official body – fluid

Pedrojuan – maybe we need to be an official body

Consensus : no need to be a DSC, no need of official recognition.

DiD we will share our aims wit Diem at large

M-A proposes to send blurb of DiD to DiEM25 slack channel after vote on Italian referendum. elevator pitch..

A) start acting (e.g. Statement on the Italian referendum)

B) make a repository of democracy tools on the blog

C) make contact with other movements and groups

Democracy in DiEM25 i.e. live stream CC meetings in parallel with our demands