28/09/2016. Democracy in DiEM25 DSC inaugural meeting


Present were: Wessel, Jacques, Tommy, Tony, Andrea, Ville, Tuulia, Berlin DSC, Frankfurt am Main DSC, M-A, Leo, Ezequiel, Killian, Pedrojuan.

  • Due to technical problems with the chosen meeting platform (voice became incomprehensible the more people joined the meeting), the meeting began belatedly and the introduction round was somewhat incomplete.
  1. What Democracy in DiEM25 is about
  • Consensus was established that we all share the ideas in the manifesto and want to work to fulfill them
  • The participants of the meeting agreed on that the process that resulted in the establishing of the organizing principles of DiEM25 was not executed optimally
    • too little debate before the vote
    • only yes or no vote
  • Thus it is our concern that DiEM25 lacks in internal democracy
  • The first and most pressing task is to find the tools that allow us to communicate transnationally; have a real debate in the internet agora
    • tools and platform where the debate continues in between meetings
    • no consensus was found whether this could involve money (e.g. buying a server) or if communication should be cost-free
  • Second task is to get our message across why internal democracy is central to the success of DiEM25
    • get other DSCs to join our work group
    • we don’t want to be viewed as a cabinet within DiEM25 – nor as a competing faction
      • It is our concern that until we can make decisions together, a small group will make them for us
  • Comment on the second task
    • DiEM25 CC has a Slack channel wherein the invitation to this meeting was passed on
    • CC is aware of Democracy in DiEM25 DSC i.e. we are official
    • make sure that newcomers can access us; put the word out on multiple channels
  1. What are the working tools of Democracy in DiEM25
  • we have a blog which is aimed to be a platform where anybody belonging to this workgroup can publish thoughts on the following topics
  • there is a Slack channel for quick messaging between the participants of this workgroup: Democracy in DiEM25 Slack Channel
  1. To decide in this meeting
  • when to meet next
    • it was agreed on that Wessel makes a Doodle form where people can fill in the most suitable dates and times for next meeting
  • the frequency of the meetings
    • Wessel’s suggestion was twice a month
    • practically nobody agreed or disagreed