26/04/2017 Feedback on the DiD Survey

Chair: Pedrojuán
Minute taker(s): Wessel
Present: Giovanni (Milan), Giovanni (Palermo), Wessel (Dublin), Pedro (Dublin) 

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Opening, setting of the agenda

Chair/minute taker next meeting

Discussion of the Survey follow-up

  • The outcome should be published – everyone should know about the responses
  • In Milan, the answer of Judith was made into a problem – people have the idea of “wait and see”
  • We should present the results in a “plain” fashion
  • We have about 80 responses, which is quite few – compared to 60.000 members
  • We can publish a table on the blog, with a link to a .zip file for the separate result files
  • We can also publish the data in plain form, accompanied by comments with personal interpretations
  • 2 posts: (1) official with the data (summary table and zip file) and (2) personal reflections on the blog => has been approved in the meeting (QUICK)

Vote on the “Meeting recording” quick procedure (Was due last meeting) https://mypads.framapad.org/mypads/?/mypads/group/defining-democratic-governance-d7t457rb/pad/view/meeting-recordings-2n6mj7i4 => needs to be delayed (not 5 people present)

  • There is a discussion about having Slack as the main communication channel
  • Perhaps we need an e-mail list again – option for a next meeting
  • Everyone in the meeting agrees with putting the procedure up for voting
  • Simple voting procedure amendment: has been agree by everyone – will be put up for vote in Slack (CONSENSUS)
  • There is agreement to put the text forward in Slack for voting (CONSENSUS) 

Move to Loomio voting platform => needs to be postponed; a testing session will be organised by the Tooltesters

Any other business