22/11/2016 Initial voting procedures

Minutes 22.11.2016: Tuulia
Chair: Wessel

Chair next time 6.12.2016: Ville

  1. Real life meeting
  • preferred weekends: 14-16 april & 21-23 april
  • Wessel proposed: 14-16th April and nobody objected
  1. How to reach out to DiEM25 members?
  • contact as many members as possible through central slack channel
  • contact members via DSC coordination email list
  • awareness of our existence not enough to animate people: we need action to get response
    • we can reach out to people with the information about our real life meeting
  • send out questionnaires to DSCs about democratic procedures
    • in this process less active members can be activated
    • we get information on how DSCs work & how democracy is executed
    • ensure good quality of questionnaire
    • discuss how it should be distributed in a later meeting
    • receives general approval
  1. Procedure for text proposals –vote was agreed upon
  • 1) proposal for a topic of a text in meeting – voted upon
  • 2) working on the proposal – dynamic document for a set time (announced by e-mail how long the document is open for work)
  • 3) text posted in voting channel and voting, with exact deadline will be announced by e-mail
  • 4) voting options should include an option “futher discussion is needed”
  • 5) decisions should also be announced by e-mail
  1. Tool for communicating votes (will be the task of the newly established testing group (Ville, Wessel Ezekiel)
  • riseup a possibility, however gets quickly very crowded
  • a visual manual, maybe a video, about voting procedures
    • before we need to find words that describe our voting procedures
    • voting procedures should not follow ad hoc ideas
    • upgrade voting system from slack’s basic “thumbs up – thumbs down”
    • we should try different types of voting systems to see what works best
    • maybe not all in our group have time to experiment different voting systems and platforms – a working group that commits to testing and report backs to the DiD would be in order
    • write a post about current voting procedures on blog – emphasis on fluidity
  1. Strategies for conduct in DiD-agenda point moved to next meeting
  2. Italian referendum & Brexit vote
    1. we can try out the voting procedure with Italian referendum
    2. did DiEM25 consult British DiEM25 members before initiating a position vote?
    3. we need more information in order to comment whether the procedure was legitimate
    4. now we are working only on the Italian referendum due to lack of adequate information on Brexit
    5. let’s dicuss Brexit vote on Slack
    6. Ezekiel contacts British DSCs to get information on the Brexit vote