21/02/2017 Communication channels with CC and VC

Chair: Tuulia
Minutes: Pedrojuán

Attendees: Gerhard, Phil, Giovanni, Tuulia, Pedrojuán, Ville, Risto, Ezequiel, Guilherme
Recording: DiD Meeting 2017-02-21.ogg

Next Meeting: March 7th
Next Chair: Guilherme

  1. Opening, setting of the agenda
    Chair reads agenda and is approved by attendees.
    New point added how the two last DiEM25 campaigns have been aproved
  2. Response to the email “how to contact the VC in an official manner” & how to procede now
    We have not yet received a reply from JM about the address we should use to communicate with CC, but she replied to a similar question from DSC Dublin1 providing the address: volunteer@diem25.org.We have had no response to how to address the VC
    Guilherme says there is a riseup list which is used by the VC, but is not oficial, for members to connect and discus but he sys that many VC members just want to vote when asked by the CC
    Since there is a need to communicate with them in order to put propositions forward Pedrojuan proposes to try to change the culture of the VC. (Expectations from elected members, so they realise they are a link between the members and the CC)

    We moved this issue to the next meeting to take further action.

  3. Final version of the internal survey
    IN last meeting the survey was discussed and modified accordingly and there was only an issue about asking in the survey if people would like to have recordings of the CC meetings, and livestreaming.
    This issue was voted and approved to include the question about livestreaming changing the order (Phil) so we go in order of increasing transparency: Minutes, recordings, livestreaming.
    The resulting text will be put to slack for final approval and if approved it will be distributed  through as many channels as possible. Ez proposed to have a google dock to avoid duplicates (chat).
  4. CETA approved, how should DiEM25 campaign against CETA?
    Wessel, who proposed the topic, was not present.
    Phil suggested that policy making should not be the issue of DiD. There was geenral agreement and the point was put back to pending issues.
  5. Transparency of budgeting in DiEM25
    There are question about the use of funds in DiEM25. This is a grey area in the OP and many questions arise.
    Pedrojuán proposed a task force to address this issue, but no one has time.
    Guilherme proposes that we focus on communication channels by now, with VC and CC and then we can adress as many issues as needed

  6. Meeting in Real life – Doodle poll results
    Not so many people have taken part in the poll. We are actually trying to find availability of DiD members to take part in the Irish DiEM25 launch whcih will be structured as a series of workshops to discuss democracy, posbibly the European Constitution and will not be a big theatre show.
    Pedrojuán urged all members to take part in the poll if they think they may be interested in taking part in the event.
  7. Code of conduct in DiD meetings -draft: other points which should be considered
    Pedrojuán presented the contents of the proposed document, which is now open for review for discussion until next meeting, at least.
    Guilherme asked with how much time in advanced the agenda should be closed by the Chair. Pedrojuan proposed that as long as we do not face conflicts it is better not to bureaucratize the process too much. It was agreed to leave it up to the chair to modify the agenda (for now)
    Tuulia added that meetings must be posted in the #minutes-et-agenda channel
  8. Results of vote on recording of meetings
    The fierent options gathered different levels of support but there is a clear idead of the most important issues

    • recordings should be made
    • if at all people can only veto their own words
    • if recordings are not published immediately there must be a page in the blog or a description of how to request them
      A new curated proposal will be made which will be put out to a yes or no vote (pedrojuán)

9. How the CC decides on international campaigns? 
Guilherme asks how has the CC decided to launch the latest campaigns: non-deportation + greekpapers.
He volunteered to draft a mail to ask the CC how this has happened?
Should we question the CC about the budgeting issue?
Phil suggests that this is not an internal democracy issue, and it is decided to leave it out of the message.