How to organise a DiEM Café Hybrid room.

The DiEM Café will soon become a reality. This is an on-line implementation of the World Café methodology, prepared for DiEM25 members to talk across borders about issues that concern us all.

The long term view of the DiEM Café is a hybrid -online offline- conversation where people who are less fond of technology can rip the benefits of this event by means of hybrid rooms, where some people make sure that the technology is working for everyone and others just go from one table to the other taking part. Optimizing the implementation of this long term view will imply the introduction of software changes that are quite simple, but will not be implemented in this first phase. However, here is how you can organise a hybrid café room with the existing software.

0.- Familiarise yourself with the DiEM Café instructions in and contact us for details at

1.- Get a room with a good bandwidth, or make sure that all computer can hold a zoom conference by means of mobile hotspots.

2.- Get as many laptops as you can, and set them in points in the room with two chairs in front of each one of them.

3.- Set as many tables in the room as you will need to seat the rest of participants (excluding two per laptop) in groups of 4-5.

4.- At the time of the event (ten minutes before) ask the people with laptops to join the DiEM Café. It may happen that two of the laptops are taking part in the same virtual table, because the software is not optimised yet, but this is all we can do now.

5.- The World Café consist os a series of rounds, in which people discuss a question at a table, and then move to another table. People in the room can sit next to a computer, in a maximum number of two or three, or they can move from one table to the other as they would in a face to face diem cafe.

6.- Unless a user is a table host in the diemcafé please ask everyone to move around.

7.- At the end of each section please make sure that the notes taken in the physical tables are typed up and mailed to us with the subject: “diemcafe harvest”

8.- Make sure there is a room host who makes sure users in front of laptops manage to move from one virtual table to the next and the dynamics of the room work.

Above all, understand this is an experiment, enjoy and give us feedback of how it went for you.

If you have any questions just ask.

Happy debating.


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