Distributed network collectives, local groups and grassroots democracy.

This post describes the program for the workshop of the same name, organised by the author for the Berlin DiEM25 event of May 25th 2017. It is composed of two sections which will open and close the two day program.  The objective of this workshop is to define concrete lines of constructive work to revitalise the democratic nature of DiEM25 in the coming months. In the first place we will devise a mechanism to improve internal communication in DiEM25 based on distributed Network Spontaneous Collectives. Then we will figure out how we can put such mechanism in place.

The more or less theoretical concepts which will be developed in the first part of the workshop will underlie some of the work proposed by other workshops and presentation. During our interactions for two days the practical implementation of the theoretical model will be taking shape.

In the closing session we will tray to put together all the work done during the two days defining a project plan to spread the idea of NSC, provide a toolkit for future collectives and a methodology for communication among them.

Part I (Thursday 27, 12:30):

The first part of the workshop will be a collaborative effort to device optimal topologies (relationships between DiEM25 members as seen in a piece of paper) to foster horizontal communication in a grassroots movement and to create a new framework for channeling grassroots energy into action and decision making.

  • Presentation (20 minutes):

Present the concept of NSC.
What are we going to do.

  • (5 min) Devise and analyse different geometrical alternative to connect DiEM25 members by means of personal connection.
  • (10 min) Think what do they imply from the point of view of geographical dispersion and language perspective.
  • (10 min) Summarise conclusions trying to draw an ideal network of networks. Graphical presentation of results.

Part II (Friday 26th 17:30):

This second part of the workshop is about getting our hands dirty, preparing a line of work for the next few months, as a result of which horizontal communication and grassroots democracy in DiEM25 can be improved.

  • Introduction (10 min)
    Non local DSC’s as an intermediate step towards NSC
  • NSC start up kit (5 min)
    Which tools does an non local DSC or NSC to operate?
  • NSC concept promotion (5 min)
    How can we promote the organization of NSC in DiEM25?
  • The NSC project plan.
    All interested are invited in defining a project plan to implement widespread networking by means of NSC’s within DiEM25.


Salud, Paz y Democracia


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