On Power and Freedom

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Freedom is the ability to decide on your own destiny and that of your belongings. Power is the ability to decide on the destiny and property of others. The exercise of power over a third party shows a loss of freedom on the part of the later. Power and freedom are therefore two sides of the same coin. The greater the power hold over you, the lesser your freedom. If there are a few in society that have a lot of power, this implies that others have very little freedom.

We can call capital everything that increases if it is properly invested. If those who have power invest it properly in acquiring more power, it increases. Power is therefore a form of capital.

Monetary capital is of course the fundamental form of that power and the rules governing monetary exchanges are in reality a normalization of exchanges of power and a tool designed for power to be multiplied in the hands of those who hold most, to the detriment of the freedom of others.

Information is also another form of capital. You can invest the information you have you have into acquiring more, or waste it. Democratic legality is undoubtedly another example of capitalizable good, since a state that invests it properly will foster the conditions that favour democracy. It can be strengthened and extended. Democracy, like money or power, can be wasted and ruined. It depends on how we use it.

Freedom is undoubtedly the most important form of capital in our lives. You are free to use the little freedom you have been left to achieve more freedom or use it to lock yourself in a room and throw the key away. In order to see your real freedom increase, in order to live free from the prison of fear, in a place where the streets at night do not imply danger, it is necessary to live in a fair and egalitarian world, it is necessary to contribute to the freedom of others and to make sure each citizen holds only as much power as the ret of society requires. The best way to achieve this is undoubtedly a vigorous democracy where decisions are taken for the common good according to the designs of the majority.

You can choose to use the little freedom that you still enjoy, which is really not too much, in building a democracy that guarantees your personal freedom and your right to hope for a better life. You can also invest that freedom in blindly playing your part in the great game that the world powers have put in place in order to sustain themselves by taking possession of our time and channeling our needs and desires to increase their own benefit.

Invest your freedom in acquiring freedom. You will see, if you do it wisely, that this produces great profits, although that freedom undoubtedly has a cost, since it has to be protected, taken care of. The price of your freedom is your commitment to participate in the democratic process, but you can chose how you do it, there are many ways.

If we choose correctly how to invest our freedom the power of money will be reduced in relation with the value of people. Our lives would be worth more, selfish plots less.

Salud, paz y democracia.