DiD on the position of DiEM25 on the Italian Constitutional Referendum

NOTE from 24th Nov 2016: The text below has been resubmit for discussion and approval by DiD members. You are invited to read more on this process in this post.

Dear members of the CC, dear fellow DiEMers, dear democrats:

As a group of DiEM25 activists primarily concerned with internal democracy in DiEM25, Democracy in DiEM25 (DiD) is concerned about how the position of DiEM25 on the Italian referendum has been taken. There are three sides of the issue which we find should have had a higher degree of transparency and grassroot participation.

The CC decided that DiEM25 was going to take position on the issue without consulting with DiEM25 membership first. It is understood that prior to the establishment of a validating council any decision should have been taken by referendum, since these are the only mechanisms established in the OP.

On the nature of the vote, the CC positioned itself without asking first DiEM25 at large. This implies that the CC is making policies and not just coordinating.

The CC recommended that DiEM supports a NO vote. CC did not satisfactorily explain the procedure for making the decision and reasons for its recommendation.

We believe that DiEM25 is trying to make progress in many different fronts, in a short time. This has implied in several occasions that ideally democratic mechanisms and principles have been overlooked. Since we are convinced of the true democratic spirit of the movements and its leaders, we take it upon ourselves to point these issues out, because they are essential to the long term democratic health of DiEM25.

Members active within the DiD reflection group do not question the need for DiEM25 to take consensus positions on national issues, however, there is a need to make that process more horizontal and more transparent.

We at DiD would gladly put together a reflection group in order to propose a procedure for DiEM25 to follow when national issues occur in the future.

Democratically yours


Note: This text is the result of a collaborative effort and has been approved by consensus by the active members  of DiD (only one vote was blank, the rest were in favor)



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