How does DiD work?

This post only expresses the opinion of the author

We are slowly starting moving, although we are not necessarily moving slowly. Just to keep informed anyone interested in our activities, I am happy to announce that we are already set up to start producing, to start doing useful work. We have tried to do everything respecting everyone’s view on both how we should work and in which direction. Let me present in this post how we work so far. We question our methods constantly and things are certainly going to change in the (near) future.

DiD meets every two weeks on line, using the Mumble platform, and we have started recording the sessions. These meetings run on a collaborative agenda in which everyone can propose topics. So far we have never had problems working like that, the meeting chair person has the responsibility of finalizing the agenda and this role is up for grabs. Whoever wants to take it is invited to do so. After the meeting minutes are written, we add a short version and hang both in the meetings page of this blog. We will soon make the recordings available in that same page.

We meet on Tuesday’s at 7pm CET, and are held in English, but we can arrange other meetings at other times and in other languages if people are interested. French, German, Spanish and Finnish are good candidates so far.

Between meetings we discuss the meeting topics and other stuff on the slack channel, and we share online documents (Titanpad) which can be edited by anyone in the group. Mind you, some of our members do not take part in the meetings, but are very active on the online discussions. Once a document has been finalized (deadline set in the meeting is achieved) we close the document and open an round of approvals. Everyone can vote for, against or blank on the document, or parts of it. So far we have always arrived to consensus on the approval of documents and ideas, but this may change, and we will have to see what to do about it. I personally think, and other share my view, that if consensus is not achieved we should go back to the start, at least three times, but we have not achieved a resolution in this point.

Once the document is approved it goes to the blog and becomes public. Most of our work will have to do with communication, sharing our views with other DiEM25 members, and everything we do as a group will be made available. Transparency is a must for us.

Now, you may wonder WHAT we do? Right? So many procedures and “bureaucracy” need a raison d’être. Well, using this methodology we have finally agreed on our aims, which is no small achievement. You can see if this is something that would interest you and you may be interested to take part in. If so, you are invited to join us.

Salud, paz y democracia.


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