The road to the goals of DiD

This post only expresses the opinion of the author

DiD has started moving, and is doing so with a lot of energy. We already have some infrastructure for internal conferencing, we have set up this blog, our slack channel, we already have regular meetings (biweekly for now), and plans for the future, but most important WE ALREADY DISAGREE with each other in a fantastically healthy way. So, in order to start playing the game of democracy we thought it would be good to agree on something and we thought that having common goals would be a good place to start.

On our last meeting (Oct 11th 2016) we set for ourselves the task of reaching an agreement on this topic and, in order to do that we opened an online document prior to the meeting where everybody was invited to post their opinions on the issue. At the beginning of the meeting every person present was invited to make a proposal for our common goals.

It became quickly apparent that it was not going to be difficult to reach an agreement, because although different people thought of different aspects of democracy, it all sounded quite well to all of us. However, nothing is easy if you want to do it right and we were aiming for nothing else but consensus. Mind you, that was never decided, that is what we were doing spontaneously. You can read the full meeting minutes here if you are interested, but you can find below the five points which we agreed upon.

  1. Engagement with Diem25 members
  2. Democracy + subject to change
  3. Review the organizational principles to respect what the grassroots level believes is democracy
  4. Set up a dialogue with the CC
  5. To experiment with the new tools of democracy

These five sentences made sense to us at the time, but in order to avoid misunderstanding they need to be spelled out and shaped. It was agreed that they where to be developed by one of us and shared with the rest for editing. Once a more elaborate expression of the document was attained, with contributions from different members we started a vote on the document. Just now we are at that stage. In the final approval process.

How are things going to work if there is no consensus? Will we go back to the document and revise it? Will we use half + one democracy? I am very interested in the outcome, not so much because of the document itself, but because this documents has started the search for internal democracy in DiD. We cannot strive to promote internal democracy in DiEM25 if we don’t function in a democratic. We, who have the time for democracy, should strive for democratic perfection, whatever that is decided to be.

Once the “official” goals (should I say “goals agreed upon”?) have been approved by the group they will be available in the blog. Until then, my dear democrats.

Salud, Paz y Democracia


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