Democracy in DiEM25

This post only expresses the opinion of the author

Diem 25 is one of the most ambitious political projects we will ever have the chance to take part in. The objective of Diem25 is to pursuit a very simple but radical idea: Democracy. This movement, however, is born in the eye of the hurricane. Never like today since the second world war, has the concept of democracy been under such a tremendous pressure to yield. Never in the last seventy years had democracy actually handed over so much of the power of the European states to the decisions of a powerful few. For this reason Diem25 is born in a hurry and has massively approved a set of Organizing Principles which, according to the founders of this blog, leave some room for improvement.

The method used to elaborate and approve the existing OP’s does not respond to our high expectations of a purely democratic organization. We feel the preceding debate was not sufficiently open, was not totally public, and that there was very little debate after the first draft was issued. There was too short a time to discuss the draft among the different people involved in the movement, located in different countries and speaking different languages, there should have been more effort put into making this debate take place. Furthermore the second draft submitted to vote, was produced by the authors of the first one who, full of good will but without in any way involving the people who make Diem25, decided how and which of the objections to the first document should be taken into account for the second and final.

However, this post is not the place to analyse what has happened or how it should have happen. That may be addressed later, if at all. One of the demands expressed by the DSC’s in the feedback to the first draft OP’s was that these principles were to be revised periodically, and the authors of the document have been wise enough to understand that democracy is about change, and finding new and better ways of organise ourselves. This blog is about finding those ways. Our aim is to develop a brand new set of principles which articulate this movement for democracy, which are the result of a truly democratic exercise.

DiEM25 is in a hurry, as members of DiEM25 we share the urgency of our task. Democracy, however, is not in a hurry. And in the pursuit of democracy we cannot be in a hurry either. Democracy needs time. Even if it must be able to produce emergency plans which enable the system to react hastily, those plans must be slowly drafted and agreed upon by all the stake holders. Otherwise, we are not talking about democracy. We may set ourselves a practical objective, such as to be able to propose, two years from now, to the rest of the DiEM25 membership a new complete set of OP in the making of which they will have had the chance to participate. The failure to do so, however, will not stop us from fighting for democracy inside and outside DiEM25.

This blog is just one of the tools which as DSC Democracy in DiEM25 we are planing to use in the pursuit of our goals. The contents of the posts will include, but not be limited to: the values that the OP 2.0 should endeavor to share and defend, possible structures for DiEM25 which will ensure those values are respected, ways to communicate in order to generate a fruitful debate across language and geographical barriers, practical means to take frequent democratic decisions using the means provided by ICT… etc.

Finally, it is important to note that YOU are invited to participate in this blog. Not only posting comments, but also by writing articles and posts. We will decide in the future, all together, how this blog is to be administered, and used, but until then, consider this as your space. The usual expectations are set about civility and we will not do with insults of any kind. We will not censor anything as long as it is expressed in a constructive inoffensive way. Be reasonable but please take part, get your need of democracy come out, get it out of your chest. We are all waiting for your contribution.

My wishes to every one out there:

Salud, Paz y Democracia (Health, Peace and Democracy)


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