20/12/2016 Feedback on the Italian Referendum Issue

Chair: PedrojuánAttendees: M-A, Ez, Tuulia, Amedeo, Guilherme, Daniel, Lauri L, Lauri S, Pedrojuán

Recording: “DiD Meeting 2016-12-20.wav

Meeting point: due to an unexpected server failure the meeting had to be displaced to the Madrid 1 DSC Mumble server.

1.- Reflections on the feedback to the DiD Statement on the Italian Referendum issu, sent last week to the CC and the DSC coordinator list.

All responses to DiD communications are to be shared on the #responses channel in DiD slack.

Until now we have had feedback from three people: Judith Meyer, Roberta and Guilherme. All three insist that there was a lengthy discussion among the DiEM25 grassroots in different media. Guilherme provided evidence that the discussion had taken place in the DSC coordinators list, implying that some information had been overlooked by DiD when writing our statement. Furthermore this refers to social media information which is no longer available and those statements have been contested.

The Italian Referendum issue, if the responses are to be taken into account, may be more the result of a communication breakdown than a lack of democratic will. There is however an obvious lack of transparency and democratic methods surrounding the issue, and there is no real agreement on what is our position after those responses. The CC has not responded to the statement yet, as JM’s response cannot be taken as a CC response. We will be considering the issue one more time in two weeks when we have had a response from the CC and all other responses have been received.

It was noted by M-A that we are not aware of an e-mail address to communicate directly with the CC.

2.– The nature of DiD

Given the presence of new members, most of which could not join the meeting from the beginning, per M-A’s suggestion there was a round of introductions half way through the meeting. There was a lengthy discussion about the aims of DiD, the goals and the possible projects to achieve those goals.

Lauri S proposed to retake the idea of organising online debates, on technical topics such as the policy papers.

New members were invited to catch up with the group goals and procedures in order to get in sync with the rest and be in a position to propose meaningful changes to either.

3.- Feedback to the CC: grassroots

There was not much time to discuss this topic plus the new members had had no time to read prepare. In order to incorporate their input to this text we decided to continue with this topic next meeting. Guilherme and Pedrojuán said that for them the text was too hard and formal, that may be it would be convenient to use a more readable text which contains the same information, or at least preface the hard content in order to catch the readers attention.

4.- Next meeting

Next meeting to be held on the usual DiD mumble platform on January 3rd 2107.

Chair: M-A.

Agenda to be create collectively and finalised by meeting chair.