20/06/2017 Discussing non-local DSCs

Agenda 20 June 2017

7pm CET


Chair: Phil

Minute taker: Wessel


Present: Alistair, Ezekiel, Lea, Pedrojuan, Philipp, Wessel, Aral


Rotate meeting date to be more inclusive?


> Proposal from Leipzig to alternate the dates of the meetings, for some people can’t do Tuesdays

> Maybe there should be some kind of system to it – not at random

> Rotate the whole week would be an idea/ otherwise two alternating days?

> We should know who is interested and who the interested people are

> Proposal: a poll with all days in the week, asking for people’s commitment to chair and take minutes

> Wessel will create a poll and send it to the group


Non-local DSCs proposal (responses and next actions)


> 5 DSCs have supported the idea, as well as 37 people in total

> There should be rules for having a network DSC (number of people, number of countries/cities, subject in conformity with the manifesto)

> We might want to have checks on DSCs so people cannot “hijack” the movement

> The problem with non-local DSCs is also the difficult status of DSCs as such, which don’t have any rights

> Non-local DSCs will inherit the problems of DSCs

> We might want to start in a working group discussing the structure of DiEM25 as such, before proposing non-local DSCs

> We need to recall the reason for working on non-local DSCs. Network DSCs are an ideas structure for information flows, that is why we want a good definition of non-local DSCs

> The catalyst is also that we don’t have any way for reaching out to people. We need to have some access to communication

> It would be great to have all members on one platform where everyone can talk to each other – such as the DiEM25 community idea

> We are creating little islands of communications, which is not a good idea; we really need to break these barriers – have communication in the open

> Proposals are (a) to drop the proposal (b) give it to a working group (c) send to the VC and CC and see what happens

> The majority chooses for (b); Wessel and Ezekiel will start up a working group

> Bureaucracy should be negated as such, perhaps it would be better to go forward permissionless

> We are going to need the support of the CC in order to make the World Café a great success


Chances to use the “DiEM-goes-party” discussion to raise awareness for the lack of internal democracy in DiEMs


> We should be at the forefront of the formulation of the question and the formulation of the vote that will be proposed to the members


Online-World-Cafe. Update and actions to be taken. (see current proposal https://democracyindiem25.wordpress.com/meeting-minutes/)


> Maybe we should include in the proposition of the World Café that it is used for formulation the right question for voting

> The video about the transnational party on the DiEM25.org site is great to see the discussion amongst CC members

> We want to develop a website called the “DiEM Café” where people can register with their language preference. We then distribute them randomly around “tables” and the website will capture ideas and summarise them. Already someone is working on the backend of this. It would be great if it could be hosted on the DiEM25 server. 500 people at the same time in Europe could come together talking about the same topic.

> We should write an e-mail to propose this idea to the CC

> Pedrojuan proposes that everyone gets involved in sending the introduction e-mail, and the working group writes the instructions document, we should try to send it next Saturday or Monday


Limitations of slack.  DiD2.0? What structure we want (Channels)

> Slack has severe limitations, we should move to something else

> Proposal is to move to Discord, which is free for the moment and has the functions of slack and Mumble

> We will put forward the proposal as a QUICK voting procedure in Slack, giving people 2 weeks time to interfere

> 6 votes in favour, 1 abstention