14th Sept 2016

Democracy on DiEM25 DSC

Atendees Wessel Reijers, Manuel Rodríguez-Gironés, Pedrojuán Rodríguez Gironés

On September 14th 2016 we decided to organise a new DSC whose objective is to discuss and promote internal democracy in Diem25 because we understand that not having internal democracy inside DiEM25 is a contradiction of terms and harmful for the movement in the long run. We understand that the urgency to get working had a heavier weight in the process than the long term need for internal democracy. However, since following the reservations exposed during the short discussion about the OP, these are to be revised and approved every year, we will endeavour to stablish new OP for DiEM25 which are truly the result of a general discussion among diemers.


We believe that the way in which the OP have been stablished is far from being what we expect from a democratic system for the following reasons.

  • There was not enough open discussion over the core values that should underly the OP.
  • The agenda has been completely decided by the people who made the draft, and there was never a real chance for an alternative.
  • He proto CC has the monopoly of the broadcasting media within DiEM25 and has completely controlled the monologue.
  • Many people may have casted a Yes vote in fear in order to get “the ball rolling”.
  • There was never a third option in the poll: “null vote”
  • Points in the OP were not voted separately, it was an all or nothing choice.
  • The same goes for the CC and AP members, whereas some people may approve of some of them but not all.
  • There was a total lack of transparency prior to the vote of the lists although in the OP it was already mentioned that the proto CC would become the original CC.
  • In summary, we feel the process needs to start all over again, as a result of a global conversation and without interfering with the promotion of DiEM25 values using the approved OP.

Future Agenda

The following points were identified as work areas for the DSC:

– Formalize the existence of the DSC

– Establish the means of communication in order to:

  • make the result of our work readily available to other diemers
  • produce a fruitful discussion both by writen text and speech, using the Internet as meeting point

– Make our project known to other diemers who may be scheptical with the turn that things have taken and would be interested in exploring the possibilities of greater internal democracy in DiEM25Drafting

Discussion topics.

Other than the practicalities of the DSC referred above, the main topic of discussion was how to go about changing the present situation. It was agreed upon that our activity should contribute to the good health of DiEM25 and in no way be understood as a thread to the organization. Two streams of thought were presented: one which proposed approaching the problem from the top, drafting and working on new OP designs, and the other which proposed to study the core values which should underly the DiEM25 Organization Principles, agree upon them, and hence try to develop new OP which ensure the prevalence of those values.

First DSC meeting to be held on Wed 28 Sept 20:00 CET