10/01/2017 Feedback to the CC discussion and recording of meetings

Chair: Pedrojuan
Minutes: Wessel and Ville
Chair next meeting: Ville
1. Decision about making the recording public:
    – Meeting publicly online or on soundcloud?
    – For transparency it’s a good thing
    – Is it necessary to publish them online?
    – Is DiD an absolute public sphere or not?
    – We can record them and simply keep them accessible
    Final options:
    – a) we don’t make the recording public 
    – b) we make the recording public after every meeting
    – c) DiD members can opt-out for making the recording public
    – d) we keep the recording and make it available on demand
Proposal: We will make a general document on Framapad on “conduct during meetings”, defining the rules of our bi-weekly meetings
This needs to be e-mailed to all members
2. Proposal about new voting procedure: we prolong the writing/amendment stage
3. An update on the internal survey working group
– The survey has been made on a Titanpad document
– It will also be used as an outreach to the Diem25 members
4. Discussing the feedback to the CC proposal
– It is a bit chaotic
– Some parts are too polemic
– We should re-write the document in a more reader-friendly way
– Decision: we will postpone the deadline for the writing/amendment stage
5. Feedback about the published feedback to the CC on the Italian Referendum issue
– Talk about french position and CC taking position independently of the grass-roots
– Twitter update from diem25’s twitter profile where Varoufakis discussing with Benoit Hamon (10th January 8:12 Am) https://twitter.com/DiEM_25/status/818853110982606848?lang=en
– More evidence of a centralist pattern emerging
– Proposal to consult french DSC’s to see if they share our concerns
– It would be a good idea to create grass-root networks which talk horizontally about given topics