09/05/2017 New Voting Procedures

Chair: Wessel

Minute taker: Amedeo

Attending: Giovanni(Milan), Pedro(Dublin), Wessel(Dublin), Lauri(Helsinki) and Amedeo(Madrid)

1. Wessel suggest an internal survey to find out who would like to participate into the weekly meeting among the DiD members and participate actively.

Giovanni suggest more information be made available on our website as this might attract more people in participate actively. Maybe people would like to focus only on some specific matters and not necessary follow all the activities.

Pedrojuan states that non-local DSCs are essential to DiEM25 and possibly DiEM25 need to evolve and get more use to non-local.

Lauri agrees and express his concern about low partecipation problem, more in general, in DiEM25 activities.

2. Internal survey: we vote and we agree to organize for the survey.

3. Move to loomio: we vote and we all agree.

4. DiD Survey follow up:
Publish the results. After a short discussion we decide not to publish on the Coordination List. Instead Pedro will send a letter to DSC emails found in diem website.

Pedrojuan remembers DiD has been banned from the coordination list and access to the list is done via members of the coordination list who are members of DiD as well.

Giovanni suggest we try and recover the relationship, especially with Judith.

Pedrojuan will be attending to the Berlin event and propose DiD ideas are taken into account by DiEM25 as experience others can use.

5. Alternative to slack.
We are running out of space.

This matter will be discussed by the Tooltester group.

6. Votes approved:

– Urgent communication procedure
– Simple voting procedure

Will be published on the website and announced via email

– “More discussion needed” has been discussed (Slack) – needs to be specified

The conversation derives a little about consensus and decision taking procedures. Pedrojuan points out we are the lawmakers and the judges at the same time.

We vote to accept the current proposal as it is.

We put the proposal in slack and will be voted in the next meeting.