06/06/2017 Politization of DiEM world Café

Chair: Pedrojuan (Dublin)
Minutes: Philipp (Nottingham)
Atendees: Giovanni (Palermo), Giovanni (Milan), Alystair, Robin, Lea, Philipp, Tuulia, Lauir S, Amedeo, Pedrojuán, Ville


Action to be taken on Non Local DSC (30min)

( see https://democracyindiem25.wordpress.com/2017/05/10/non-local-networked-dscs/ )

Agreement: We gather signatures from DSC’s over  the next two weeks and than send it to the VC and the CC. Signatures will be gathered both in the Blog and in an Change.org petition.

Pedrojuan will write to all members of the DiD list.

Tuliar and Amedeo will try to set up the petition.

Proposal of text to be sent to the CC requesting a period of debate and consultation. URGENT Procedure.  (10min)

(See https://mypads.framapad.org/mypads/?/mypads/group/communications-with-diem25-the-network-a51pgs72p/pad/view/on-the-politization-of-diem25-0d2het73d )

DiD will NOT make an statement on this issue ( No 5 – Yes 1 – absent 1) due to the fact that the CC already backed down and is now asking for input from the membership


How to organize the debate on the politicization of DiEM.

Proposal: On-line World Cafe. (45min)

We will form a working group to send up a plan we can send to the CC. Pedrojuan and Philipp volunteered to the working group. Organisation will take place on slack.


What happened to the survey results

Translated versions were not made correctly which makes the statistical analysis complicated, for some questions impossible. However we should try to use the existing results. Lea will try to write a text for the blog which acknowledges the deficiencies of the survey but tries to make sense of it.

For the next time we have to focus on the quality of translations and uniformity u across languages