04/04/2017 Reflection on Rome event

Chair: Wessel
Minute taker(s): Wessel
Present: Giovanni (Milan), Giovanni (Palermo), Lauri (Helsinki), Philipp (Nottingham), Wessel (Dublin)

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Opening, setting of the agenda

Chair/minute taker next meeting

Reflection on Rome event

  • We have to focus on a stronger proposal to European people.
  • We should show what is possible to do in Europe, which choices we have. This can only be done in collective discussion, like in DiD.
  • 2 issues: (1) too much leftist narrative, which was not needed; (2) lack of discussion about the real solutions to the problems; about the programme.
  • Style: people were talking while others were using their phones; which created a sense of disconnection.
  • Not much mentioning in the press about the street protests.

Survey launch plan Technical (WG) and strategy http://piratepad.net/pj2dHozYhU 

  • Tomorrow we can send the Survey (last three languages will still need to be added)
  • We should add to the e-mail “PLEASE DISTRIBUTE”
  • We should add: 1 month up until we start analysing the results

Move to Loomio voting platform (moved to next meeting, not enough people to vote)

Discussion on the issue about new CC members joining and validation of the Diem25 membership needed

  • We might want to call for a voting, to make sure the runner-up rule is satisfied.
  • It’s too early to discuss about elections. The movement is not made yet. Only when members are interested, we might launch an election.
  • We have to make clear first who we are, and what we are doing. We should not deal too much with the election, not to kill the moment.
  • The CC operates a bit in a state of emergency, which cements the procedures a bit in a top-down way.
  • (1) in principle should the CC follow its own OP (2) do we want to be seen as the watchdog of the CC?
  • We might just communicate it to the VC.
  • Raise the problem publicly? But not under the name of DiD.
  • We can raise it as a dilemma; START PROPOSAL
  • Because of the better relation, we might go directly to the CC
  • We might start a general discussion
  • We should perhaps be more detailed, what kind of proposal do we want to put forward? We should state an amendment. What do we expect from a recognition?
  • We will postpone the drafting phase of this proposal

Guilherme’s document for proposing improvements for the Diem25 OP => how can we organise this discussion?

  • What does implementation capability? => question
  • We should perhaps first wait for the survey, then make it open to other DiEM25 members?
  • We will wait for the results of the survey to be in

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